About Us

 As the Financial Services industry is rapidly changing and more and more customers are relying on financial products that don't fit the traditional banking models. Buy-now-pay-later, micro-financing, cross-border payments and remittances, and countless other types of innovative financial products have given rise to an unprecedented number of startup FinTechs looking to provide a product unique to specific customers needs. With these products comes a number of risks both known and unknown. McPherson Mayer provides capabilities to support navigating and managing the complex risks of the financial services regulatory environment quickly and efficiently that are catered to your specific FinTech's products, services, and markets.  

McPherson Mayer was founded in 2021 by Bailey Mayer in Philadelphia, PA. Prior to founding McPherson Mayer, Bailey spent 17 years working with consulting firms, building comprehensive risk mangement, compliance, and audit capabilities for large banks and startup FinTech's alike. Working closely between banks and FinTechs, Bailey started McPherson Mayer with the single goal of helping start-up and rapid growth phase FinTechs go to market with their products and services quickly while relying on effective and sound compliance capabilities.